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Burners & Controls

The key to any boiler installation is the proper selection and installation of the burner and control system. We are specialists in industrial burner systems including low NOx burners, burner controls and upgrades.

We offer systems from a number of manufacturers including:

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Burners & Controls

Manufacturer's Representative for Weishaupt Burners

  • Forced draft packaged burners
  • Combination gas and oil
  • Pressure atomizing light oil
  • Air atomizing no. 2 - 6 oil
  • Low Emissions (LE) Series,
  • Type LE91 Wind box- style low emission burners
Burners & Controls

Manufacturer's Representative for S. T. Johnson Burners

  • Gun type forced draft burners
  • Axial flow burners
  • Remote fan burners
  • Low Nox - Sub30 ppm Nox compliance
  • Ultra-Low Nox - Sub 9 ppm Nox compliance

Fireye Nexus System Specialists

  • Flame safeguard controls
  • Nexus combustion control systems
  • E340 boiler room control system-lead/lag
  • E300 expansion modules
  • Comview combustion monitoring system

Heat Timer Building/Zone Controls

  • Weather actuated controls for steam and hot water heating systems
  • Multiple set back schedules
  • Remote access for historical temperature data

McDonnell Miller

  • Low water fuel cut offs
  • Water level controls
  • Feedwater pump controls
  • Alarm systems (high and low water)
  • Freshwater make up feeders
  • Liquid level indicators
  • Storage tank monitoring


  • Modulating motors
  • Pressure switches
  • Flame safeguards
  • Thermostats
  • HVAC controls
  • Valve actuators

Custom Control Packages

  • Flame safeguard
  • Draft control
  • 02 Trim
  • Parallel positioning combustion control (Nexus)
  • Data recording, and building management, system interfacing
  • Fuel tank monitoring and management